Top 5 Caviar Brands For Valentine’s

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Dating back to the Middle Ages, caviar has been known as the ultimate indulgence- a gastronomic treat that is meant to be savored and fully enjoyed. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, NetCost Market brings you the finest selection of the world’s most prestigious, high quality caviar.
Besides being a mouthwatering gourmet extravagance, the delicacy has been known as the most luxurious aphrodisiac in the world! We recommend enjoying yours on this romantic holiday with your sweetheart and all of the traditional accompaniments: blinis, crème fraiche, hard boiled egg, fresh chives, smoked salmon…and, of course, a chilled bottle of champagne.

Here are NetCost Market’s top 5 brands to enjoy this Valentine’s Day weekend:

1. Gourmanoff

Parent company of this upscale European imports grocery, NetCost is proud to carry this private-label line of select caviar. Reigning from their flagship location in Brooklyn, NY, the Gourmanoff name epitomizes excellence, distinctive selection, and gourmet quality.

2. Peter Pan

This kosher product comes straight from the icy waters of Alaska, and their Wild Alaskan Salmon Red Caviar is a customer favorite for it’s delicate taste and premium quality. Owned by Japanese company Maruha Capital Investments, Inc., Peter Pan is part of the largest seafood company in the world that prides itself in the quality and consistency of their products.

3. Olma

This Manhattan caviar boutique and bar located within Todd English’s elite Plaza Food Hall offers the finest red and black caviar from Alaska and overseas. Three of their product lines are sold nationally in gourmet grocery stores, and we are thrilled to bring you their products. Since 2001, their caviar has been known for its premium quality, large grained consistency, clean, nutty taste, and creamy texture.

4. Marky’s

Located in Miami, Florida, this company is leading the way in their sustainability practices. Their imported caviar is the finest quality, farm-raised (NEVER wild) Russian Caspian Sturgeon Caviar, and, domestically they only purchase and sell sustainable paddlefish and hackleback caviar. To further ensure the origin and quality of their products, they pioneered an innovative DNA batch testing for each species and have partnered with Sturgeon AquaFarms to develop a sustainable aquaculture operation in Florida which will proactively assist in restoring the world’s resources of sturgeon.

5. D’artagnan

Founded in 1985, this company is a gastronome’s paradise bringing hard to find, high-quality ingredients to the public. They base their business around the principle of sustainability in all things and hold themselves to the strictest quality standards. Their farm-raised, Ossetra sized Malossal caviar has an almost hazel-nutty flavor, ultra silky mouth feel, and buttery texture.

Valentine’s Day is in FIVE days. Do you have the champagne and caviar ready for a romantic evening with your sweetheart? If not, hurry in to NetCost Market where the selection is always impressive and the quality is the best in the world.