Top 5 Fall Superfoods

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Summer is coming to a close and with it comes the changing colors of fall. As the season changes it’s a good idea to start thinking about how our diets will change for the winter as new seasonal fruit and vegetables grace our stores. Fall has some wonderful, yet overlooked, foods that deservedly earn their reputation as superfoods. These foods are packed full of vitamins and minerals that get your body ready for whatever winter will throw at it! So, don’t miss out on this short but vital window for packing in all the healthy goodness you can before the deep freeze begins!

Pumpkin and Squash: Pumpkins are not just for Halloween! They, along with the much-underrated squash, are full of vitamin A which helps your body’s defenses strengthen, but only contains 42 calories per half cup. They are versatile and can be used like potatoes for making fries, roasting with meat such as beef or chicken, or for mashing. So, when you’re at the store this fall picking up the Halloween pumpkin, why not grab a few more for dinner too?

Chestnuts: Chestnuts remind us of Christmas, roasting on an open fire and filling the room with their earthy fragrance. However, did you know they contain high amounts of the vital vitamin B6 which helps strengthen the immune system, stop aging and even fight cancer?! They’re also packed full of fiber, and we all know why that’s important! Try getting the whole family involved with this great fall snack by actually roasting some chestnuts on an open fire this year!

Fennel: Fennel has a distinctive flavor that some people find overpowering. However, if you are a fan of this flowering plant, or if you’re yet to even try it, we strongly suggest you utilize it this fall. There’s a reason this Superfood features in many herbal teas! It is surprisingly high in protein compared with other plants, and also contains high amounts of fiber, potassium and vitamin C, keeping nails and hair healthy and strong and building up your body’s defenses ahead of the approaching winter. Fennel is great with other fall superfoods such as chickpeas and black beans, making it the perfect addition to your seasonal diet!

Parsnips: Parsnips are another vastly underrated fall vegetable that many people overlook. Due to its potato-like texture, many assume it has the same high-starch but low nutrition level of potato. This could not be further from the truth! Parsnips are packed full of vital potassium, fiber, and vitamin A, but they are also much lower in starchy carbohydrates than potatoes, making them nutritionally dense. They are also very versatile and can be used to make fries, for roasting, mashing or boiling, or for the base to a tasty fall soup to warm you up when the cold sets in!


Fall is here and it’s about time we came to terms with the fact that summer is well and truly behind us for another year. Make sure you stock your body full of vital vitamins and minerals to arm your defenses against the onslaught of winter illnesses that lurk just around the corner. These fall superfoods will do exactly that, ensuring you are protected against illness and can survive the winter that little bit more easily!