Traditional Holiday Foods Around the World

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities are celebrated all over the world. While there are lots of similarities between the culinary traditions of European countries and America, there are also quite a few fun and interesting differences that give each Christmas cuisine its own specific touch. At NetCost Market, our extensive range of traditional European and American food gives you the opportunity to explore tastes from around the world and still enjoy those good old American classics. Here are some of our favorite picks!


Caviar – Christmas and New Year are enjoyed in style in Russia with a lavish spread that does not compromise on flavor or cost. Naturally, this should then include caviar. Caviar on bread with butter is one of the most classic Russian treats at this time of the year, and it is quick and easy to make and is indulgent and grand, just like Christmas and New Year should be! NetCost Market stocks some of the most renowned caviar brands in the world, so why not try making this simple yet delicious appetizer this festive period?


Stollen – German Christmas traditions have heavily influenced our own traditions. One of the greatest German Christmas classics is Stollen. Traditionally sold and bought at traditional German Weinachtsmärkte, or Christmas Markets, this sweet bread-cake hybrid is enjoyed by adults and children alike. Filled with raisins, sultanas, citrus peel, nuts, spices and marzipan, it is filling, rich and comforting on those cold German Christmas evenings!


Pickled Herring – Ukrainians, like many other Europeans, celebrate Christmas Eve with a large indulgent meal. A classic appetizer is pickled herring which is then wrapped around shredded cabbage. Although picked fish often sounds off-putting, the complex flavors created by the pickling process make this one of the greatest Christmas delicacies. Try visiting our homemade food section to check out all the great selections of pickled fish we stock.


Turkey – The Christmas turkey is a true American classic and has now been adopted by many other countries around the world as their favorite Christmas meal. The roasted turkey was a natural choice for the first explorers of this country, as it was easy to domesticate, large and juicy, and made a great meal for all to share! At NetCost Market we are currently stocking a choice of fresh and frozen turkeys that will be the centerpiece of any Christmas table.

New Year and Christmas are times for family, friends, and of course, food! But if we take a look around the world, we can see that there is a huge variation in the different Christmas and New Year food traditions. Why not shake it up this year? Head down to your local NetCost Market and check out some of our great deals on traditional food from around the world. This way, you can be as adventurous or traditional as you desire!